by It Follows

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released January 23, 2016

It Follows is Max Gruenwald, Katen Burgess, Jacob Vargas, and Kevin Hart.

Recorded by Brenton Liseth in Port Orchard and Shoreline, WA in January of 2016



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Life Of Dreams Seattle, Washington

A record label from the Pacific Northwest.

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Track Name: Intro/Disgust
I don't want it
I don't need it

How can you stand by
Sacrificing for forks and knives
Yet you pay no mind
Bow your head, avert your eyes

The time has come and enough is enough
Bullshit tradition I'll have no part of
Keep on killing for your selfish greed
Take what we want, it's more than we need
Don't you get it?

Desperate, enslaved
Locked in a cage
If I couldn't speak
Would you treat me the same?
Disgust and dismay
That you think it's okay
The lives you take
You should be ashamed

When will it end?
Track Name: Growth
I'm sorry if can't hear it
But a million times it's been loud and clear
Come together for our common goals
But what aggression brings you here?

Taking and never giving back
(Face the fact)

Can't stand it any longer
Walk away with no lesson learned
Come together with a common rage
But your fire inside doesn't burn

Taking and never giving back
Waiting for you to face the fact

When you say that you'll never change
What the fuck do you know?
Everyone else is trying to stay young
I want to fucking grow
Track Name: Shame
How can the problems get fixed
when there's no more love to give?
What's left to say about broken faith?
You've heard it all and it's time to forget.

Waiting for a miracle but your hopes are much too high
If you want to see a change, it starts inside.

You're so much more than just a victim
You're so much more than just addicted

I know you feel alone
Your demons have left this house forever broken and fucking cold
Once loved dearly but now I see it clearly
I won't accept it, I won't forget it

You're so much more than just a victim
You're so much more than just addicted
How can the problems get fixed
If there's no more love to give?
I'm sorry, I'm trying, I'm waiting, I'm sorry